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There are three Performing Rights Organizations, or PROs. A PRO collects license fees on behalf of its songwriters, composers and music publishers and distributes them as royalties to those members whose works have been performed. You cannot be a member of more than one PRO at a time. It is important that you personally evauluate the benefits of each organization on your own and make an informed decision. Below are links to the official websites for each organization.

ASCAP protects the rights of its members by licensing and distributing royalties for the non-dramatic public performances of their copyrighted works. ASCAP's licensees encompass all who want to perform copyrighted music publicly. ASCAP makes giving and obtaining permission to perform music simple for both creators and users of music.

As a performing right organization, BMI issues licenses to various users of music, including television and radio stations and networks; new media, including the Internet and mobile technologies such as ringtones and ringbacks; satellite audio services like XM and Sirius; nightclubs, discos, hotels, bars, restaurants and other venues; digital jukeboxes; and live concerts. It then tracks public performances of its members' music, and collects and distributes licensing revenues for those performances as royalties to the more than 375,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers it represents, as well as the thousands of creators from around the world who have chosen BMI for representation in the U.S.

SESAC is a performing rights organization with headquarters in Nashville and offices in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami and London.

Find out about what a PRO does and why it is important for you to publish your music. Without being registered with a PRO, you will not be able to collect royalties when your song is played on the radio, television, and more. Click here for more.

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